Trick Plays and How to Make Them

Here’s a great article “by Ty Cobb”, written in Baseball Magazine in 1916 from an interview, on “Daring Feats that Have Made the Tigers Dreaded, and How They Were Thought Out and Executed, as Revealed in an Interview”.

I used to figure out dozens of these plays. They are all based on the so-called science of probabilities. Very often they would fail, but that isn’t the point. A certain percentage of them are bound to fail. Those that succeed are the ones that count. And even those that fail have their uses. They show the opposition that they can never know what to expect. You simply cannot prepare for the unexpected. Such a situation leaves a feeling of unrest in the defense. They are momentarily helpless. It is plays such as these which do more to demoralize a defense than a home run with men on bases.

His tales of stretching a hit and coordinated baserunning are awesome.

Check it out.