Selig won’t punish Giambi for admission

ESPN, many other sources

This cracks me up. Bonds sets the home run record and Selig looks like a weasel. He took forever to do anything about Giambi’s situation, and when he does, he does… nothing. Because Giambi cooperated with Selig’s barely-breathing commission and does charity work.

Wow. Is that really the standard? Can players get out of other punishments by piling up community service time ahead of their rule-breaking?

The contrast, though, is between Selig and Landis. Landis, coming in after a scandal, did much to restore fan confidence in the game through swift, merciless, and sometimes unevenly administered punishments for gamblers as he cleaned up the game.

Selig, in many ways responsible for the crisis in fan perception of the game, did such a bad job selling baseball’s new drug policy he hasn’t redeemed himself in the eyes of the public and still can’t stop reminding people of his role and particularly his awkward position and decades-long failure to do anything.

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#1 Neil on 08.19.07 at 5:41 am

You’re absolutely right. So all it takes is $100,000 of pledged money to charity to get you off the hook and to clear your name? Ridiculous. Bonds is still a villain, but now Giambi gets to be a hero again.